Thoughtfulness Makes Return to Hospital a Little Sweeter

Thoughtfulness Makes Return to Hospital a Little Sweeter

Cass County Memorial Hospital

Jim Bireline recently spent a few days as an inpatient at Cass County Memorial Hospital (CCMH) in Atlantic, where he was pleased with his care, but of course very happy to go home.  Much to his dismay, he was re-admitted within just a couple months. Even though his care had been great, and his daughter-in-law and granddaughter both worked at the hospital and checked on him frequently, he was not very happy to be heading back.

As Jim was settling into his room, Diane Damon, a food services technician, stopped the nursing director to ask, “Is this Jim Bireline’s room?” The nursing director confirmed it was and asked why Diane was looking for Jim. “Oh, I have some tapioca pudding for him – I remember he liked it so well last time he was here.”

Needless to say, Jim was shocked and very happy to receive the tapioca almost before he was settled in, as he really did love it! “I couldn’t believe she remembered!” For Diane, it was just something nice she could do that would make a little difference in a patient’s day, and the kind of thing she tries to do frequently.  “It’s always nice to have someone remember even just a tiny thing about you—I’d do it for anybody.”

Brett Altman, the hospital’s CEO, was not surprised when he heard about Diane’s personalized service. “Diane is a great example of how our staff live out our mission—to create a superior experience for our patients and families—every day, in ways big and small. It’s what makes CCMH such a special place.”

For Jim, the surprises kept coming when three days later, as he was getting ready to head home, who was there to see him off but Diane, with a tapioca to go.

Facts About Cass County Memorial Hospital

363 Employees

$$30,250,217 Economic Impact

105,346 Patient Visits

The Little Things Mean A Lot.
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