Mother and Son Thrive as Clinton Hospital Nurses

Mercy Medical Center-Clinton

Carol and Justin Nylin love their nursing jobs at Mercy Medical Center and serving their hometown of Clinton. “I am proud to be an employee of Mercy Hospital,” says Carol. “I have a lot of coworkers and a lot of nurses that I know that I know that they give good care…We’re all the advocates for the patients.”

“I think a huge influence was my mom. I kind of knew what a nurse did from her,” says Justin. “Then once I got into the hospital, I just saw that the nurses are actually the ones that are caring for the patients. They make a lot of the decision making. They were kind of in charge of the patient.”

Carol, who has worked at the hospital for 42 years, is proud of Justin’s growth as a nurse. “He’s very educated and smart. And he knows the different departments and he knows where everything is. If he doesn’t, he knows where he can reach out to know what he needs or who he needs it from.

“I get called ‘Justin’s mom’ now a lot here at Mercy. He has more of an outreach than I do in the community and in the hospital. Everybody knows Justin.”

She is also proud of serving her local community. “I think my career has been great here at Mercy. It’s fulfilled pretty much everything that I would ever want…I enjoy the small community feeling here. To be able to have somebody call and say or see me out and say, “I’m going to have surgery. I want you to take care of me.”‘

Justin also enjoys the opportunity to serve the community. “I think I’ve loved every Iowa hospital that I’ve been in. I think you just have a different niche some places. At Mercy Clinton, the thing that I loved is it was very much of a family aspect. ¬†feel like when you came here, you felt a part of the family.”

Facts About Mercy Medical Center-Clinton

836 Employees

$$62,031,266 Economic Impact

95,455 Patient Visits

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