Leon Hospital Employee was a True Friend at the End

Leon Hospital Employee was a True Friend at the End

Decatur County Hospital
Leon, IA

My dad, John W. Kirsch, spent quite a bit of time at Decatur County Hospital in Leon during his illness with leukemia. Dad insisted on going to Decatur County Hospital for his transfusions because of the staff there.

Dad and Ashly Green, a phlebotomist at the hospital, quickly became friends. Dad called Ashly one of his “god daughters.” They shared many stories and it wasn’t uncommon for Dad to stop by Ashly and her husband’s home for dinner once in a while.

When Dad became sicker with his leukemia Ashly helped him in organizing things he wanted to get done before it was too late. This was helpful as I’m not from the area and did not know who to contact, etc.

When it was clear that Dad was not going to get better and needed to be in hospice, I once again contacted Ashly. Dad was not going to go to hospice no matter which family member talked with him. He also was not going to sign a power of attorney nor an advance directive. He did not need that. Dad could be very stubborn.

Ashly spent very long occasions (non-working hours) speaking with Dad about the importance of a power of attorney and advance directives until he finally agreed to sign the forms. Ashly then began to explain how hospice was really Dad’s only option for care. Dad had been in such denial about his illness.

My husband and I were unable to care for Dad at our home. We weren’t skilled caretakers and knew we would not be able to make Dad comfortable as his illness proceeded. Ashly was the only person who was able to get him to finally agree to go to hospice. She even told him she would come visit him. For this I will always be thankful to Ashly. Dad was finally going to get the care he really needed for his end of life.

True to her word, Ashly traveled to Winterset to see Dad in hospice. Ashly also came to Dad’s funeral. I truly do not know many hospital employees who would do that for a patient.

As a family, we are very fortunate to have met Ashly. She helped Dad with his transition and I consider her a friend. I do not know of any health care workers that go to such lengths to care for their patients. I’m certain that Ashly provides this treatment to all of her patients. She genuinely cares even when she is so busy with other patients, family, life, etc.

Terrie L. Severin

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