In Mount Pleasant, Cancer Patient Trusts Treatment to Friends, Neighbors

In Mount Pleasant, Cancer Patient Trusts Treatment to Friends, Neighbors

Henry County Health Center
Mount Pleasant, IA

Patients consistently remark on the compassionate, quality care they receive close to home at Henry County Health Center in Mount Pleasant. SuzAnne Griffis of Mount Pleasant shares these sentiments. In fact, she has interacted with so many departments over the years that when she speaks of HCHC it is with fondness and gratitude for the personal care and kindness she’s received.

Griffis’ journey with HCHC began when she was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer in 2010. Her family physician referred her to HCHC General Surgeon Dr. Michelle Tansey. Griffis had complete confidence in Dr. Tansey and her qualifications and experience in treating breast cancer. After she was told the cancer diagnosis, she underwent a mastectomy followed by chemotherapy. This was all done at HCHC by people she knew and trusted.

“I went to school with one of the infusion/chemotherapy nurses. She asked if I was okay with her caring for me and I said I’d have it no other way. I prefer to be treated by someone I know who cares about my well-being. Deb was very professional and assured me that everything was confidential,” explained Griffis.

In addition to having surgery and chemotherapy at HCHC, Griffis has also experienced lab, inpatient services and the visiting oncologists in HCHC’s specialty clinic. She has been to radiology for ultrasound, mammography, CT scans, bone scans and MRIs where staff “knew her by name, and were very loving and concerned.”  She has received therapy in rehabilitation services, which was a positive experience as well.

In 2013, Griffis found that the cancer had gone into her bones. At that point she was in infusion therapy every other week and was a patient twice in Inpatient Services. She was informed by the oncologist that she would be on some type of treatment for the rest of her life.

When talking about her multitude of experiences with the different HCHC departments, the common thread was the care, compassion and individualized treatment that Griffis received from all the staff.

“This is a small community and you’re bound to run into someone you know. It is a comfort knowing the people who care for me. There’s a certain family love at HCHC. You get to know people and develop friendships,” she explained.

Griffis has appreciated her care so much that she felt the desire to give back to the health center by volunteering at its information desk and gift shop. She also helped initiate a cancer support group led by the hospital’s infusion/chemotherapy nurses.

“It is reassuring to have this quality health care close to home and to know that if something happens I’ll be cared for. It’s also comforting to know that I can go anywhere in the health center and receive good care. The fact that I don’t have to drive out of town for my healthcare is a blessing.”

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