Hospital Staff Assist Single Mother Living in Car

Teresa Krueger

Hospital Staff Assist Single Mother Living in Car

Great River Health Systems
West Burlington, IA
Cheryl Robben

In West Burlington, Diabetes Educator Teresa Krueger and Director of Integrated Services Cheryl Robben recently provided a different kind of care for a Great River Health System patient.

When a patient came to the hospital for an appointment, she shared that she and her child were living in their car until they could save enough money for an apartment. The temperature that night was predicted to be below freezing. Krueger and Robben jumped into action by organizing donations to pay the deposit on an apartment, guaranteeing immediate safe housing. Within hours, enough money was raised and Robben met the landlord on her lunch break to deliver the deposit.

Krueger and Robben also contacted community-based programs that could help the family get settled in their new home. Additional money was raised by hospital staff for basic needs such as food, gas and toiletries.

The Krueger and Robben also adopted this family for the holidays to ensure they have what they need while they work on becoming financially secure.

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