A Boy Gets His Dinosaur

A Boy Gets His Dinosaur

Lucas County Health Center
Chariton, IA

Crystal Elkins, a patient at Lucas County Health Center (LCHC) in Chariton, shared this:

Last week I had a doctor appointment and Benny went with. The nurses always just love him when he’s there and they made him a balloon animal. He begged and cried for a t-rex and they didn’t know how to make one. I mean, who would? Well today a there was a knock on the door to his room at the office and a nurse named Andrea came in with a green t-rex balloon. He has been sick, and he instantly lit up. I’m not gonna lie I teared up when she left the room. This was the most incredible and nicest gesture. The fact that this nurse went out of her way to learn how to do this blows my mind! I’m so incredibly thankful for LCHC and the doctors and nurses who work so hard and even a little extra just to see a little boy smile.

Facts About Lucas County Health Center

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